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Mommy && Me Melts LLC

Car Freshie Coffee Scented

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These are made with COFFEE scented Fragrance oil.  Freshies are made to be used as a car freshener you hang inside your vehicle. These are not suitable for larger areas. 


1.) Remove from packaging, open wooden lid, remove plastic stopper discard, and replace wooden lid SECURELY. If liquid gets on skin or material wash immediately to prevent rash or stains. 

2.) Shake it up, causing the liquid to splash onto the wooden lid. The lid absorbs and releases the fragrance into the air. 

3.) Hang on mirror or somewhere secure away from Children and pets. Do not lay flat as it will cause leaks and damage. Occasionally check that lid is still secure. Bumpy roads have been known to cause the lids to become loose. A friend of mine bought one off tik tok and she has a lot of pot holes around her area. She hit a pothole and the bottle flew off. 

4.) You may notice separation of oil and base. It’s normal. You may notice you don’t smell anything when you return to your vehicle after a long period of time. This just means the fragrance is bottled up waiting for you and not going to waste. Gently shake the bottle getting the lid wet again. The more you shake the more you smell. Do not tip completely upside down for more than 5 seconds as this can completely saturate the lid and string making skin contact possible. The more you shake the quicker the freshie runs out though. 

5.) Once empty discard the bottle or clean it and keep it for decoration after you refill with whatever you prefer (not liquid). Examples: A flower you admired crushed pieces can go inside, tiny crystals or glitter. 


Do not drink the liquid in anyway or form. Again,  If liquid inside touches skin or Materials wash immediately to prevent damage or irritation. 

The contents including bottle and packaging weigh approximately 1.2oz/35g.